Helping you develop your future senior executives
To survive and grow in today’s rapidly changing economy and major changes, organisations are dependent on developing and retaining top quality executives. 
These executives will need not only the commitment and ability to adapt to changing economy, but also the management skills to anticipate and respond to increasing challenges facing the changing industries. Managing and fostering this talent within your Organisation is critical to its success. 
By investing in an MBA at ESLSCA business school your organisation is investing in the talent, skills and experience that will ensure you have the right leaders for the future. 
We have developed this guide to introduce you to the ESLSCA Business School MBA program, the flexible MBA program is designed to allow you to develop your high potential managers without disrupting their careers. Each module is delivered through a blend of self study materials and face to face workshops, enabling participants to integrate their studies into their work thereby remaining a productive and contributing member of your management team. 
The structure of the program allows employees to balance the demands of their role and their learning, applying new skills and knowledge immediately for the benefit of both themselves and your organisation. 
The program provides a cost effective way of enabling your managers to: 
  • Develop a network of contacts from within the students working for multinational companies. 
  • Learn from recognised industry experts; and realise their full leadership potential within your organisation. 
All this helps you retain your future business leaders; and deliver tangible results to key stakeholders
Why Sponsor an employee on ESLSCA Business School MBA program?
A great strength of part-time study in ESLSCA is that your employee is able to apply their new knowledge immediately to their work. It also makes the theory accessible and relevant as they, or someone in their group, may have a real-time problem to which it can be applied. Gaining this new knowledge gives them the confidence to take on new challenges and meet them. Just one innovative idea could pay for the entire program.
Develop globally qualified managers faster
You can develop your high-potential people into internationally experienced, globally oriented managers through a series of job rotations and projects over a number of years. But with ESLSCA’s MBA program future leaders can get there faster. Participants discuss business trends, concepts and challenges with people from all over the world, and the curriculum is designed to develop an international orientation and an appreciation of the challenges of running a business in a rapidly changing global environment
Build skills and confidence in your high-potential employees
The best people in your organisation tend to rise rapidly. But often their experience is in one specific business area. ESLSCA’s MBA program helps these bright and motivate people further develop their skills so they are prepared to take on broader responsibilities.
Retain your talents
The best people in any organisation are those that know they have to take care of themselves – and that one way to do so is to arm themselves with good professional qualifications. Companies can be active participants in this process. By supporting your high-potential people in their quest for advanced degrees, you build loyalty and give them another reason to stay with you.
The consultancy project
Your organisation will receive a high quality report from your employee. You will benefit from the input of research findings and best practice from top business academics. Many projects have had a significant impact on strategic decisions and have directly added value. Many projects undertaken involve allowing access to confidential data, plans, and strategies. Completed consultancy project dissertations will not be placed in a library or released for wider readership without the prior consent of your organisation. 
"ESLSCA delivers executive education to over 700 business people a year, so whether the MBA participant networks with peers on the MBA, or you attend an event at ESLSCA. Access to other organisations is possible through the ESLSCA community."
How it works
Enrolling company employees in the various graduate programs, ranging from professional and academic certificates to diplomas and masters’ programs, in addition to other graduate programs organised by ESLSCA. Granting company employees corporate rates, according to the following:
**Graduate Diploma(s) and Masters Program(s)
  • Granting a 25% discount rate to self-funded students making direct payment to ESLSCA, in the case of enrolment of a minimum of four company employees per semester, as a partial grant.
  • Granting a 30% discount rate to the company-funded students whose tuition fees are paid for by the company, in the case of enrolment of a minimum of four company employees per year, as a partial grant.