• Application and Admission

    Does ESLSCA require any prerequisites ?

    No, although knowledge of financial accounting and managerial economics prior to enrollment is helpful, so, non-business graduates are subjected to a prerequisite course upon the Academic Committee's recommendation.


    1. Undergraduate Diploma Programme: • Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with five credits at the same sitting (or equivalent) • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 1 principle pass at the same sitting (or equivalent) 2. Undergraduate Degree Programme • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 2 principle passes at the same sitting (or equivalent) • Undergraduate Diploma (or equivalent) of at least 2 years from a reputable institution 3. Mature Entry • Students can enroll into either Undergraduate Diploma or Degree programme upon evaluation of successful completion of mature age entrance examinations. 4. Professional Qualification • Candidates who possess professional qualifications in the relevant area (subject to NCHE approval) can enroll into either Undergraduate Diploma or Degree programme upon evaluation of academic documents 5. Graduate Programme • Successful completion of Undergraduate Degree (or equivalent) with honors and a minimum of 4 working years’ experience

    Do you accept graduates from any University/Institute?

    We accept any accredited University/Institute BA & BSc. However, each country has its own criteria if the student wants to attain the local accredited degree as well as ESLSCA's degree. Every applicant is required to check his country's regulations.

    I am a fresh graduate can i apply for any program at ESLSCA ?

    Yes, you can apply for the Graduate Diploma programs.

    Do I Need to Take a GMAT ?

    No, although it is recommended to improve your chances of being accepted

    what if i cant submit the application by the deadline of the admission ?

    We do rolling admissions and accept applications at any time. However, if you apply after the deadline you can only be considered for entering the class if it is not already full. If the deadline is approaching or already passed, you can contact the admissions staff to see if there is still some space available or request to be pending for the next intake.

    when can i schedule an interview ?

    After you have submitted your application to one of ESLSCA's programs, the Admission Office will evaluate your file. Candidates may be invited for an interview following the initial review of the application at the discretion of the Admission Committee. If you have any questions about the programs, feel free to contact the admissions' staff at any time in the process.

    Do you have any application fees ?

    Yes, the application fee for any program is 100 Euro. Application fees are non-refundable

    Can i apply for more than one ESLSCA program ?

    You should submit only one application to the program that is your top choice. The Academic Committee may consider you for other programs if you are not eligible for your first choice

    How are the admission criteria weighted ?

    The Academic Committee bases its decision on the strength of the application as a whole; no formula is used. Strong applicants have solid work experience and excellent academics. If one area is a little weak, it might be overcome by outstanding attributes in another

    Does ESLSCA require minimum years of experience ?

    Yes, Master Degree programs require at least four years of experience. If you have less than four years experience you can apply for the Graduate Diploma program then transfer to the MBA program.

    What if i applied and found out that i wont be able to start do i need to apply all over again ?

    The admission process is valid for one year so you can apply whenever you wish and register within a year form the application date .

    Do you require certain Bachelor grades for applying to your Masters programs ?

    No we don't require any certain Bachelor grades. However, each country has its own criteria if the student wants to attain the local accredited degree as well as ESLSCA's degree.

  • General

    Do I have to buy other books besides the course material?

    No, each course contains all the material required to pass the examination. It is recommended to buy the main course textbook and keep it as a reference.

    Can I visit the campus?

    Yes, the University campus can be visited at anytime.

    What is a ³Grande Ecole²?

    The Grande Ecole ("Graduate school", literally in French "Grand Schools" or "Elite Schools") of France are higher education establishments outside the mainstream framework of the public universities system. Unlike French public universities which have an obligation to accept all candidates of the same region who hold a Baccalauréat, the selection criteria of Grandes écoles rests mainly on competitive written and oral exams, undertaken by students of dedicated preparatory classes. They do not have a large student body (3,000 at the largest establishment; most have a few hundred students each year) and are generally focused on a single subject area, mainly engineering, business or humanities. They have traditionally produced a significant number of France's high ranking civil servants, politicians and executives as well as many scientists and philosophers.

    Where do i get my degree from ?

    Students graduate with 2 accreditations: 1 from ESLSCA UGANDA and 1 from ESLSCA PARIS All programmes are fully validated by IFAM Business School of Groupe ESLSCA France.

    Do you have flexible schedules ?

    Yes, our programs are designed for professional business people so we design the schedules mainly to meet their needs. there a choices between part time schedule where the student can attend twice a week (one full day during the weekend along with another week day from 6 pm to 9 pm ) or an Executive schedule where the student can attend friday and saturday every other week

  • Financial

    can i pay by a credit card ?

    Yes, we do accept credit card payments.

    can i apply for a scholarship ?

    Yes, ESLSCA offers partial scholarships as a part of its community service program to excellent candidates applying.

    Does ESLSCA offer corporate agreements ?

    Yes, ESLSCA does offer a financial corporate agreement according to the following conditions: Group of at least four applicants apply individually from the same company will be offered a 25% discount Group of at least four applicants apply through the same company will be offered a 30% discount The group of applicants must apply for the same intake The group of applicants must be accepted by the academic committee HR letter including applicants' names must be delivered before Interview Sessions

  • UN-categorized

    Do I have access to library services?

    Absolutely! You will have access to an extensive online library through The Campus Common and some electronic libraries.

    What is Turnitin.com?

    Turnitin.com is a Web-based comprehensive plagiarism detection and prevention system that you will be required to use. Turnitin.com allows you and ESLSCA to enforce the policy on intellectual honesty. For more information on turnitin.com and our intellectual honesty policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.

    i worked during my undergraduate studies will this work experience be counted towards your prerequisites ?

    Part time experience does not normally count. Besides the Executive Program, we look for the equivalent of five years of full time work. We suggest that if you are close to the five years and want to start now, apply for Graduate Diploma program, there is no harm done to join Diploma program first, then transfer credits to complete the MBA program.

    can i transfer credits to ESLSCA programs

    No. However, an applicant with a number of MBA credits from an accredited school or university might be eligible to transfer some of these credits upon Academic Committee decision.

  • Graduation

    How do I get a copy of my official transcripts?

    All requests for transcripts should be made to the Student Support Center. You will be required to complete and sign a transcript request form. A signature is required; therefore, telephone requests cannot be processed. All financial obligations must be met before your transcripts will be released. Please allow 5-12 working days to process.

    Do I need to apply for graduation?

    Yes, you need to complete your graduation requirements and complete a Petition to Graduate form‹prior to the posted deadlines. Please contact your academic advisor for additional information.